Yu-Te Chiang

Yu-Te Chiang

Philadelphia, PA, US


Remoting Webs

2015 PennDesign ARCH 501 Studio

Manitoga Gallery | New York

The final project of 501 studio continued to expand on the concept of part to whole which has been developed in the studio previous projects. The studio designed a set of galleries to house collections of Russel Wright product design analyzed in the initial studio project at the beginning of the semester. The clear set of spatial material and tectonic principles established in the previous full-scale pavilion exercise will evolve through a full engagement of architectural criteria including site, context, enclosure, program, circulation, lighting, materiality, space, and form.

Architecture and cinema were contrasted as two areas of knowledge ready to provoke productive shocks: timeless spatial strategies were contaminated by ready made-fictions. We studied history of architecture to critically extract spatial organizational strategies and made them react o fictional narratives from movies that triggered an enriched and complex interpretation of the site. Taking these constraints, we designed and critically evaluated the concept of a gallery for Manitoga.

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Status: School Project