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2016 Dr. Chen Wen-Chen Memorial Plaza competition, 1st popularity prize

Dr. Chen Wen-Chen memorial plaza | Taipei, Taiwan

Accordin to the statement announced by school's administrative meeting on 2014, the plaza between First student hall, Second education building and Department of Librarian building has designed as "Dr. Chen Wen-Chen memorial plaza".

To encourage our generation rethinking the incident and memorizing Dr. Chen, along with the naming process of the plaza, there are 2 stages of infrastructure's improvement followed afterwards. The first phase is the competition of the plaza re-design. This competition not only aims to gather creative proposals for the plaza, bit also try to provoke thoughts and ideas, in order to memorize Dr. Chen and his contribution to Taiwan's national democracy progress.

[Dr. Chen Wen-Chen Incident]

Chen Wen-Chen was an assistant professor of mathematics (specialing in probability and statistics) at Carnegie Mellon University, who died on 3rd of July, 1981, at age of 31, under mysterious circumstances. After the conclusion of his third year of teaching, he returned to his native Taiwan for a vacation. He was instructed not to leave Taiwan on his scheduled departure date. Members of Taiwan's secret polic, the Garrison Command, detained and interrogated him for twelve hours on 2nd of July, 1981, and his body was found on the campus of national Taiwan University the next day. The subsequent autopsy repaorted hos death was due to fall. Chen's death and the earlier massage of Lin Yi-Hsiung's family are cited as late examples of white terror dissident suppression activities in Taiwan, although the case remains unsolved and the Garrison Command maintains it had nothing to do with his death. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Taipei, TW