Architecture Discipline

Architecture Discipline

New Delhi, IN



As an extension of the series of multi-designer pret stores, where the collections are themed and curated, Neel Sutra- the India Fashion store at Khan Market is emblematic of Indian Design ethos, in line with the inherent colonial character of one of the oldest markets in New Delhi. While showcasing Indian fashion in a customized and curated format, this store is emblematic of Indian fashion within the construct of high street retail. 

While being reverent to the architectural context, and notions of identity, the building was painted all white, with only blue (neel in hindi) on the louvered windows.  The interior experience for the garments to be showcased has been neutralized to a single predominant colour- Blue. This transgresses as a continuous notion, in the form of a wave from the walls onto the hand-placed parquet floor that is also stained in azure blue. To break away from the monotony of the colour, neutral perforated boards on the walls are created to allow for a visual break. The display /shelving system is also a simple evolution of what already exists in the precedent of the Neel Sutra at the New Oberoi, and the sarees are arranged in a unique configuration with trays at various angles; like an installation that has a unique identity of its own. This forms an engagement with the architectural space itself, allowing the visitor to engage with the saree while engaging with the space simultaneously. Without too many architectural interventions, using multiple architectural elements, the store is intended to be simplistic, while only showcasing the ensembles. The store hence becomes a figurative response as a tribute to Indian Fashion, within the heart of the city. 

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Status: Built
Location: New Delhi, IN
Firm Role: principle architect