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Ali Nabi

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stage tower seen from outside, 3D rendering
stage tower seen from outside, 3D rendering
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TBG Drama Theater

Client:                                          Tehran Municipality

Function:                                    Professional Drama Theater

Gross Floor Area:                      9200 sqm

Realization:                                2010-2014



Tehran Book Garden Professional Drama Theater is an individual building within the larger TBG complex which was added to the program of the project half way through its realization.

It covers an area of about 6200 square meters (excluding its lounges and waiting areas) and is consisted of a 480-seat auditorium with VIP seats in the balcony boxes, main and back stages benefiting from movable and rotating platforms and an Orchestra Pit, a rooftop outdoor theater and finally technical and ancillary backstage areas.

The goal was to create a multi-functional drama theater with cutting-edge machinery in which the most elaborate dramas and plays could be performed. Thus, a team of several renowned international companies and consultants were involved in the project including world famous machinery engineering firms, stage and auditorium lighting designers, acoustic engineers among others.

The concealed Orchestra Pit in front of the main stage enables combining of live music to the performances. The auditorium is designed to be also equipped with a perfect amplified sound system to allow for the performance of pop / rock concerts along with being used as a cinema.

Due to a very restricted plot (a narrow rectangle of 84x28 meters, which was in fact one of the modules of the greater TBG complex and thus enclosed from north and south by already constructed structures) and the strict requirements of a drama theater the architectural concept is chosen to be straight forward with clear organization of spaces:

On the Ground Floor level sits the auditorium to the west, adjacent to the main concourse, the main stage in the middle and the secondary stage to the far east opening to the unloading deck outside.

The two basement levels house all the backstage areas such as technical rooms which support the mechanized system of stages, director offices, make-up rooms, costume reservoirs, showers, and a large rehearsal room the size of the main stage.

On the First Floor level exist VIP boxes together with the main Control Room overlooking to the center of the stage and finally there is a spacious outdoor theater on the rooftop.


My responsibilities:

  • Project Architect
  • Project Coordinator
  • Construction Administration supervisor
  • Contract Manager
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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tehran, IR
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: WSDG, Acoustic Engineers, Basel, Switzerland;
LDE Belzner Holmes, Lighting Designers, Stuttgart, Germany;
Kayson Construction Company

view toward the auditorium, 3D rendering
view toward the auditorium, 3D rendering
view toward the stage, 3D rendering
view toward the stage, 3D rendering
inside the main auditorium, under construction
inside the main auditorium, under construction
longitudinal section
longitudinal section