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Ali Nabi

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floor plan
floor plan
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Kermanshah Science Park

Client:                                         Kermanshah University

Function:                                    Multi-tenant/Incubator

Gross Floor Area:                    20,000 sqm

Realization:                               2009-



This office rental building serves as one of the major technology park centers in the western region of the country. It is supposed to lease office space to new-born science or technology firms. The leasing offices are being supported by facilities such as parking, cafes and restaurants, kindergarten, an elegant, multi-purpose lobby, amphitheater, banks and a recreation zone including gym and spa.

The edifice is located on a plot flanked by a major city road to the west and a decayed residential neighborhood to the east. A secondary access road passes to the north and to the south sits the neighboring building. An existing office building in the middle of the plot should also have been preserved.

The building therefore, has taken the shape of a ‘S’ blocking the view to the residential neighborhood while embracing the existing building and at the same time providing enclosure on the border of the street passing by the west of the plot.

The project is planned to be completed in two construction phases of which only the first phase (the present project) has been realized.

The first phase building is comprised of:

  • Two basement levels accommodating parking places together with recreation zone, the amphitheater and the mechanical room.
  • Ground Floor level which houses entrance lobby, banks, several shops, kindergarten and a mosque to the southern side.
  • First Floor level occupied by lobby and banks mezzanines, leasing offices, and the upper floor of the mosque.
  • The Tower, which sits to the north of the complex, serves as the main part of the building housing rental offices in 12 stories and is topped by a whole-floor restaurant with 360 degrees view towards the whole city.


My responsibilities:

  • Assistant to Project Lead Architect in development of Concept Design
  • Providing information and solutions to design problems considering structural and MEP issues
  • Project Coordinator
  • Construction Administration supervisor
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Status: Under Construction
Location: Kermanshah, IR
My Role: Architect; Project Coordinator

longitudinal section through tower
longitudinal section through tower
street view, 3D rendering
street view, 3D rendering