Ali Nabi

Ali Nabi

Oakland, CA, US

typical floor plan
typical floor plan
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Members Of Parliament office building

Client:                                          Iranian Parliament

Function:                                    Office Building

Gross Floor Area:                     60,000 sqm

Year:                                            2012



Located in the campus of Iranian Parliament in the heart of old town Tehran, this enormous building (170 Meters long and 125 meters wide) is meant to be the meeting place of MPs and people in person. The building has been defined in three ‘functional levels’: entrance lobby on Ground Floor level with people entering the building from the immediate adjacent city street and MPs from the Parliament garden; MP offices on four-story blocks above ground; and all other supportive utilities on basement levels.

There are spacious offices dedicated to every single MP which are grouped in the form of six parallel building blocks, four stories above Ground Floor. In this way it becomes possible to accomplish the construction in sequential phases (demanded by the brief) while providing at the same time more benefits: views from adjacent city road towards the Parliament Campus garden through the empty spaces between the office blocks; south daylight to each office block; internal gardens between each block which are accessible for the users and provide pleasant micro-environments.

Several auditoria with different capacities for different uses together with class rooms and other such public facilities are located to the south of the complex in basement levels. Basement levels to the north accommodate a store for employees, the staff restaurant, a small clinic and other functions such as banks and storages.

Two huge parking structures serve the building, both buried into the ground, one below Parliament garden serving MPs and staff and the other, to the street side reserved for visitors. A longitudinal, grand mechanical room which extends all along the building length also provides support for all MEP needs.

The preparation of the drawings and other documents of the project from early stages of gathering information and devising the Concept Design all through the production of drawings, textual reports, model, etc. was accomplished in the course of three weeks. Although the design was selected as the client and jury’s preferred alternative among other entries, but the project has been put to a halt due to bureaucratic and political hassle.   



My responsibilities:

  • Providing information regarding design, specifications and materials
  • Design development under the supervision of project lead designer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Communication manager
  • Competition team supervisor
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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Tehran, IR
My Role: Architect and Team Supervisor

basement level plan
basement level plan
general view from the courtyard
general view from the courtyard
general view
general view