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Integrated Engineering Services Building | NASA Langley Research Center

The Integrated Engineering Services Building represents Phase II of a master planning effort aimed at consolidating and modernizing existing aging facilities in the sprawling NASA LaRC campus into a smaller, state-of-the-art, core campus environment.  It provides a safe, sustainable, and healthier workplace for the researchers, engineers and staff, and supports the innovative and original thinking that is crucial to the mission of NASA Langley.  The campus culture is one built on collaboration, and this facility enhances that culture to improve the research and engineering outcomes for both the agency and the country.

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Status: Built
Location: Hampton, VA, US
Additional Credits: Ed Weaver AIA, Dana Marinzel AIA, James Tilghman AIA, Mark Woodburn AIA, Nishant Shah, Ruth Jansson, Littany Hollerbach, Ginny Dyson, Cooper Carry, Inc. Architect of Record

2015 AIA NOVA Award of Merit in Institutional Architecture
2015 ENR Award of Merit: Green Project
2015 Federal Energy and Merit Award