Saint Petersburg, RU


The Residential building "Malachite" with built-in rooms and a parking garage (2006-2009)

The “Malachite” building on Morskoy avenue is a part of the residential complex “Kristally Krestovskogo”. It is a uniform architectural ensemble which is situated in a picturesque area of the Krestovsky island. This project is a successful attempt to combine modern architectural forms and surrounding landscape beauty. In external furnish such materials as ceramic granite, natural stone and platinized copper are used. Facades are decorated by inserts of wood and metal.

The overhead apartments have sun-lounges. High windows do apartments light and open beautiful landscape view.


Size: Total area of the building - 16022,5м2

Awards: Diploma of the international architectural festival “Zodchestvo – 2006”

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Status: Built
Location: 5, 7, 9 Morskoy avenue, Krestovsky Island, Saint-Petersburg
Firm Role: S. Oreshkin – Project leader, R. Andreeva – Main architect of the project, A. Weiner – Main engineer of the project, T. Kovalenko – Head of group of architects, A. Yablokov – Architect.