Saint Petersburg, RU


Residential House on Chapaeva Street, St.Petersburg, Russia


Bld A, 16, Chapaeva street, Petrogradsky district, St-Petersburg

Project Year:


Construction Year:



-         The Gold Diploma of architectural review competition “Architecton-2016”

-         The winner of the «Urban Awards 2014» in the nomination of «The best business class residential complex under construction in St.Petersburg»


S.Oreshkin – Project Manager,

A.Weiner — Chief Engineer,

R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,

V.Ivanov, A.Shukshina, M.Nukhina — Architects

O.Grebnev – Chief Structural Engineer,

A.Isaev – Project Chief Engineer,

S.Vasiliev — Project Chief Engineer,


YIT Group

Project description:

Site area – 2748 sq.m

Construction area – 1 426 sq.m

Total floor area – 16 490,5 sq.m

Total apartment area - 9450,5 sq.m

Number of apartments – 130

Total office premises area – 927,3 sq.m

Number of parking lots – 100

A ten-storied residential “North Art Nouveau” house is built on Chapaeva street in the eastern part of Petrogradsky island, as known as Petrogradskaya side. Volumes and ornamental elements increase from the bottom to the top of the building. The first floor of the main façade steps back to clear a walkway for pedestrians and forms an open cantilever gallery without columns.

The second floor façade has few ornamental elements; bow windows, which can be seen on the third floor façade, join next three levels (from the third to the sixth floor) and cast curve shadows. Piers between bow windows are separated with lights, emphasized with striped relief resembling open Parisian hinged windows and smoothed with a wiggly line.

Wide balconies are projected starting from the fifth floor. Laced lattices blend with windows rhythmic steps. Balconies merge into stepped terraces on the building south side.

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Status: Built
Location: St.Petersburg, Russia