Saint Petersburg, RU


Office Building Project

Authors: S. Oreshkin – Project Manager, T. Kovalenko – Project Chief Architect, P. Kochnev, D. Zhegulina, I. Ben-Ammar – Architects, S. Kuzmin – Project Chief Engineer, A. Gushchin — Photographer.

The building is formed by four blocks two of which are turned to a building axis on 25 degrees and are united by glass panels. Office blocks are designed individually with application of stained glass constructions and the matte planes of porcelain tile and ceramic panels. The combination of different materials makes the impression of contrast, and vertical partitioning of stained glass constructions emphasizes the just proportion.

The name of each block and the materials of facades speak about the streets of the district on which the site is located (Clay, Crystal, Earthenware, Glaze, Glass).

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Status: Built
Location: St.-Petersburg, Russia