Saint Petersburg, RU


Residential building on Graftio Street

The modern resedential house is associated to a context of the St. Petersburg historical center  on the Aptekarsky Island in  Petrogradsky district.

The two-section building of U-shaped form is located on the platform of the semi-buried closed parking.  The main accents of facades are the glazed surfaces of overhanging parts of the building and the cascade of terraces.  On the ground floor there are blocks of office rooms, the residential accommodation is from the second floor, there are technical rooms and a parking on the basement floor.



Diploma of the international architectural festival “Zodchestvo-2008 “

Diploma of interregional review competition "Zolotaya Capitel-2009"

The diamond diploma 2013 of the World club of citizens of St. Petersburg "Conformity mark" in the nomination "Modern Architecture in the Context of the Historical Environment of St. Petersburg"


Site area: 7 294 sq.m

Gross Floor area: 9 797 sq.m

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Status: Built
Location: Saint Petersburg, RU
Firm Role: S. Oreshkin – Project leader; R. Andreeva – main architect of the project; A. Yablokov – architect