Mikkel Sølbeck

Mikkel Sølbeck

Frederiksberg, DK


The ZigZag Houseboat Barge of Florida - Holy Bluff Marina – SleepAfloat

The Zigzag houseboat barge is located in the region of the Florida at the harbour of the Holy Bluff Marina. The concept of the Zigzag housing boating barge is architectural designed as the idea of a zizag motion.

The houseboat consists of a shell of whitewashed concrete in contrast to the wooden surfaces and the vegetation on the rooftop with top-floor with bluish windows. The zigzag houseboat is made as a SleepAfloat concept to sustain houseboat living as a rental houseboat in Florida Holy Bluff Marina so that people can enjoy the wonderfulness of the harbour front of Florida.


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Status: Unbuilt