Mikkel Sølbeck

Mikkel Sølbeck

Frederiksberg, DK



Hii I’m Mikkel Sølbeck

I’m driven, passionate and frontier of conceptualizing property development and formulating, consulting and implementing strategies within the field of property design and legislation of the property. In the project phase I aim to understand the property by identifying and qualifying potential opportunities by customizing solutions.

Through my studies I pursued to develop and specialize my skills in the property development field in a wider context and extending the perspective on legal, sustainable and economic aspects in correlation with the policy-making, planning, processing and implementation across disciplines, sectors and actors.

As one of my keen interest I have built up deep passion for sustainable property development in a multiple wide perspective; economically, architecturally, environmentally and socially in close relation to legislation. I am pursuing new opportunities within the field of property development.

I generally use a lot of time exploring the 3D-modelling universe where I develop and plan multiple creative ideas in the architectural area.

I enjoy bringing creative thinking to the table; to conceptualize the possibilities and potentials of the property in the project development phase. I think my favorite stage of a project is working with the client or business leader when the ideas start to flow.

I’m always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers, or just interesting, creative people, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect.

Beside my work I play football, tennis, swim, walk in the nature and architectural viewing, which is really beneficial for my health and for my mind to creatively inspire me. Football is my primary sport where I developed through my will and passion to accelerate and learn new skills.

Real Property Development |  Project Management | Sustainability | 3D Modelling | Urban- and Rural Planning | Surveying | Infrastructure | Property Formation |


Mikkel's Professional Blog on Archinect:

360 ° Livable Urbanism : The Importance of Making Cities Places - Planning towards livable cities

360 ° Livable Urbanism is featuring articles with subjective approaches and theories on how to actively contribute as urban planners in today’s modern society with different thematic inputs to sustain and innovate the way we as highly diverse planners facilitate the process of planning towards sustainable cities in balance with the current policy framework, sectors, interest and other relevant aspects.

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The Municipality of Copenhagen - Center for Urban Development, City of Copenhagen, Building Officer/Urban Planner

Building Officer at the Municipality of Copenhagen Center for Urban Development. At the work as a building officer, I work and deal daily with the procedures of urban developments within the framework of the Construction Act and the Planning Act, including active decision making based on layout and specifications of constructions, land use and the extent of new buildings for residential, public, industrial and commercial use of the property.

As a building officer, I initiate the necessary facilitation and process to achieve goals and visions in relation to the individual urban development projects in the Northern Region of Copenhagen. The processes are based on interdisciplinary cooperation across internally and externally, with an eye for constructive holistic solutions in unification with urban context, building technology, aesthetics and function.

May 2017 - current

Geopartner Landinspektører A/S, Frederiksberg, DK, Land Surveyor | Planning and Property Formation |

Land Surveyor for the consultative land surveyor company Geopartner in Danmark – Copenhagen at Frederiksberg. I am working with project development and formation of the property, where I work with a wide diversity of property-related cases, including condominium division, surveying, planning legislation, land registration and cadastral work.

Furthermore, I will support the field of planning by a universal scope that covers the holistic part of planning by incorporating a broader and more sustainable methodology in correlation with other actors and stakeholders, and not only thinking straight economic benefits, but creating interdisciplinary strategies and combined effect that both sustain economic, environmental and social value for the client and the whole society.

Sep 2016 - Feb 2017


Aalborg University - School of Architecture, Design and Planning, Copenhagen, DK, Masters, Land Management

During the MSc. In Land Management, I focused on developing and specializing my skills in the Property Development area in a wider context and extending the perspective on legal, sustainable and economic aspects in correlation with the policy-making, planning, processing and implementation across disciplines, sectors and actors.
Project Development | Land management | Land Use Regulation and Land Economics | Governance | Land Development and Property Law | Expropriation | Infrastructure | Real Property – Legal and Economic | Land Tenure | Property Development | Sustainability

Jan 2014 - Jun 2016

Aalborg University - School of Architecture, Design and Planning, Copenhagen, DK, Bachelors, Land Surveyor → Surveying, Planning and Land Management

The BSc. Programme in Land Management, Planning and Surveying gained me extensive knowledge, skills and competencies acquired through the course of studies and projects. The Bachelor Degree has provided a solid base practically and theoretically in the multispectral field in terms of Law, Architecture, Engineering, Planning and Entrepreneurship. The AAU problem-based learning method at Aalborg University has been a unique asset by working in project groups, discussing and solving complex problems.Throughout my studies I’ve been introduced to different future opportunities in the Private-, Public – and Governmental-sector (GST, By og Havn, Cowi, Nellemann og Bjørnkjær and Aalborg Kommune).
Property Formation | Land Surveying | Land Use | Mapping | Property Development | Urban and Municipal Planning | GIS | Real Property and Legal aspects | Project Development| Cadastre | Rural Planning | Sustainability | Problem-based Learning | Property data

Sep 2011 - Jun 2014

Areas of Specialization