Mikkel Sølbeck

Mikkel Sølbeck

Frederiksberg, DK


“Downsizing your life” - simplify your life and built Sustainia

Downsizing your life and home can be a challenge. Design your home smartly and simplify your life by downsizing your life and decluttering your life, ultimately get less stress and low-cost mantaince of your home. The content of this animation is displaying a smartly small planned house design on how to downsize your home with tips on how to organize your home and simplify your life smartly. Simplify your life it is breath-taking!

Accordingly ask yourself on how to declutter your home? Basically think about what is a must have and items you can live without, and things you could easily replace. The l ”live without” items are stuff you could sell or donate to other people or even get rid off or isn’t essential for your life.
This method can help you simplify your life and decluttering your home from not important material items. If your downsizing your home then you need to think smart use the wall as storage have hidden space behind the wall under the bed it is helping you to simplify your life in a minimalism sense. It is important to stay on the right track so stay organized and be ruthless about what you need and don’t need so that you live the simplify life style and have the freedom.

The downsizing concept makes rational sense for everybody less stress and lower cost of resources used on your home.
The animation is showing and illustrating on how to live in an awesome downsized home with effective use of space. The concept is named Building Sustainia.

This Building Sustainia housing concept is based on changing the perception of the livable spaces in houses. The general perception in Denmark and most of the world is that we want to build bigger homes -- quantity instead of making small quality spaces with lower maintenance cost and sustainable benefits. Less is more and better!! So find out ways to simplify your life and downsizing your home to live more without restrictions and pressure.

The homes should be modular homes with modern effective prefabrication. Small prefabricated sustainable homes have many wide range benefits. The housing concept should not only focus on the small housing concept but also focusing on implementing sustainable products and optimizing the grade of sustainability and quality of life. We all have a responsibility for the future environment -- there for we want to set up some role models (builders) who can be front figures and show the overall public the potential of living small and simple with optimizing our life's and the resources for the future by sustainable solutions. The content is inspired by Grand Design, Tiny House Nation (John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin)

Tips on how downsize your life to simplify your life
1. Downsize Your Home Smart by using the space wisely
2. Downsize the Large items if you’re moving
3. Undergo all your items and be selective to downsize your home
4. Make a strategy for how to store the items before Downsizing in Advance
5. Yearly have a brief look at what you don’t need
6. Think about less is more and make your life less complicated  and simple

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