Mark Henrick Smith

Mark Henrick Smith

Los Angeles, CA, US


The future of design on a string

The future of Atchitecture in today world of Design Competitions I mean Architect competition I mean Architects pushing forward to be among the best but in today world of wonder the future look great because of old Structure with out of date building code disaster, and demolition open land all these things help open the door for those type of Design display for the top job I consider it as scrimmage and guess what they forget about the interior Designer sitting on the outside looking in waiting for that piece of the pie. Many Interior Designer love what they do because not much a architect doing like to do the finishing touch of the inside materials because that take too long so small project goes to many small ID Firm.A residential project with a Before and After kitchen cabinet ,flooring wall is not so easy to select colors texture all look fabulous just to pick one is not fair but you do it anyway I would like to used all in my project but that is impossible then again the competition with color contrast. Below is a kitchen I Design with and Before and after project you can't be too bright nor you can't be too dull the future of design is in the palm of our hands. lastly U don't want to over decorate your Design where color begin to compete among themself

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: N/A
My Role: Architect Drafter Designer, space planner interior Designer
Additional Credits: My self