Mark Henrick Smith

Mark Henrick Smith

Los Angeles, CA, US


Residental Dwelling

A photolistic Rendering of this Family Dwelling home  perspective view really can bring out the best with skills from the Architect of Drafter using CAD. THE ROOFof this home is Spanish tile and the Exterior is rose wood.  Building by a model like this take time using the old technique of box cutter ruler square ; but in today technology it can be done with precision laser machine  the technology today really make the difference in presentation of a scale model while in the past I would use about 10 blade just to get true my difficult spot. I know those late Machine is very expensive so most of my project is taken to model shop for the cutting  using CAD  software. There is two type of photo a photo rendering and a rough  3D view of the family  Dwelling. I left out the tree just to get a good sense how the design look. 

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Status: Unbuilt
My Role: Architect Drafter Designer, space planner
Additional Credits: My self