Mark Henrick Smith

Mark Henrick Smith

Los Angeles, CA, US


Commercial.curtain glass

Today project in Architectural Design.Ideas really made a great leap not just in the way Architect don sketches but the rendering tech behind the design  although some Architect still keep the past of doing Elevation, Details and schematic others choose to keep  used the modern CAD rendering and renovation soft ware. I always thing that Architect should have their own way of approaching certain project if they is  a tpart of a team or not  my snapshot of work in progress demonstrates that There is never and end in architecture for the future there 8s always some new in this field of BIM CAD and it take learning that mean sit down in lectilure and practice,  then other thing building codenalwasy changes so I must be up to date adding roof to my project really change the view of the building. I try different Roof I think this one fit best the outcome is design and style fit right in the community.  

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: N/A
My Role: Architect Drafter Designer, space planner l
Additional Credits: Myself