Mark Henrick Smith

Mark Henrick Smith

Los Angeles, CA, US


Architectural plan set Residental sketchey

Architectural Plan set Residental give idea of space Planning  layout for client and their ideas for Architect and interior Designer planner it is always a self motivated challenge to come up with Sketches of shape or concept to meet the client needs shape and form is my way of getting through my design Ideas sometime my design take the shape of the lot due to the small space I had to work within although a three Bedroom with living space like the one in the photo fit my client because they did not want to climb stair so a.two story was not a good choice although it save lot space . Shape can only be round oblique angle square curved and my idea I hope one day will work or pass the building envelope  it  TWISTED SHAPE .BUILDING NOT FACADE LAYOUT PLAN FRAME WORK COVERED WITH BUILDING ENVELOPE  UNIQUE SHAPE. 

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Status: Built
Location: N/A
My Role: Architect Drafter Designer, space planner
Additional Credits: The team at Archinect for their great web design. Professor Instructor El Camino college, and lost but not lease myself for put in the hardwork and time to complete the project for submission.....