Mark Henrick Smith

Mark Henrick Smith

Los Angeles, CA, US


Open project residential private living

My project is a residental private living home office is one of the prestigious thing about designing is texture along with creativity during the years of debating about the future of becoming a science Architect our design Architect it all play out to be almost the same the only different is realistic . This office facade is concrete Structure mostly for small enterprise . These project can get quite complicated especially when the client start to change the the style of the floor layout and sometimes it is really annoying but then on the other hand it have to be done and it will cost extra satisfaction for customer service it always number one priority reaching out to others it number two. The goal of Designer is time lapse and completion with presentation is gold. My next step in this design is to try and make the color rendering for the office facade come to light with real rendering using the render that come with the program and changing the settings should bring out astonishing texture no photoshop please. There is no more prisma markers to on cad who said so I will introduce this new technique never done before prisma makere s for CAD I mean using all the cores of prisma makes add them to template and create a program to run with any render software that should be fun the image should be amazing I will leave it like that for now. Remember Prisma Makers and Prisma color pencils added to rendering software add on I would like to see that happen

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Status: Built
Location: N/A
My Role: Architect Drafter Designer, space planner
Additional Credits: Not at this time