Peter Rae

Peter Rae

Madrid, ES


Sofia Metro Station 20

Metro Station 20 follows a journey to the underworld through an informal Romantic Landscape tradition, bringing the flora of the surrounding mountains into the city with a second wider ambition to link its green and open spaces. Creating a city-wide linear park with themed differentiating identities for coherent mental mapping and urban navigation that is integral to the transport system as well as an opportunity for urban generation.

Formal + Informal Landscapes - The Romantic + Rational 

This journey to the underworld appropriates a classical mythological architectural and landscape language using romantic landscape elements for dramatic effect. Drawing a meandering journey through the linear park along which adjacent buildings and public spaces offer temptation to stop, socialize and digress. Two tectonic portals signal the metro and underworld with the architectural language and material texture of fissured and carved out space emphasized with shafts of natural light to ticket halls and platforms alike.  

Traversing this line above ground is the rational Baroque Landscape tradition of control and order, of ground-scape, material, gridded pleached tree canopies and colour. This formalization establishes a harpsichord rhythm and tone, opening up for cafe terraces and public spaces. The bus stops act as lynch-pins, linking the formal landscape and the metro entrance.

My role on this competition was to lead phase 1 to the shortlist and phase 2 to an eventual win.  I coordinated final presentation boards, produced much of the deliverable content and worked closely with other studio members on concept design and drawings.  

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Sofia, BG
My Role: Competition Leader
Additional Credits: Structural Engineer - Webb Yates
Infrastructure and Transport - Arup