Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Los Angeles, CA, US


Urban Incubator

creative businesses a place to grow and share their ideas. I explore the connection between the artisan and the public in this project through circulation and a part-whole relationship. 


Circulation in the more abstract is the movement of goods from the creative spaces in the back of the complex to the public interaction area in the front of the complex. From there, the goods and ideas move out into the community.


The part to whole relationship is the idea that the forms reflect their uses. The community area at the front of the building is represented in a more organic form, where the creative and fabrication spaces are rendered in a more primitive block. These visual differences provide the ability to read this project as two parts coming together to make one whole. This is reflective of the artisans and the community coming together to share ideas. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Student
Additional Credits: Michael Rotondi, SCI-arc