Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Los Angeles, CA, US


Beverly Hills Remodel

This remodel is for a long time client of Lanet/Shaw. This will be the third and final addition to this house. Over a twenty year span, Lanet/Shaw has remodeled the interior, added additional bathrooms and increased the overall square footage through a basement addition.

As our final flare we are increasing the building’s connection to its hillside location through an open kitchen living room floor plan. We carry this natural connection through the backyard by adding a balcony deck that connects to an outdoor oasis in this hillside desert.

We delineated the outdoor space through the strategic use of lines, points, and planes.  An arch element emerges from the back plane of the existing house. This arch serves to establish the bounds of the balcony environment while at the same time creating a structural element that is seismically isolated from the existing structure. The plane of the balcony extends out and finds its support through a modern colonnade that doubles as a balcony table railing. All around the balcony and down the stairs a cable railing system lightly defines the boundaries through line. The stairs descend over the water and a series of steel, wood, and concrete pads carry you back towards the house, which separates the swimming pool and jacuzzi from the child’s wading pool under the stairs.

Construction of this addition begins in July of 2015.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Lanet/Shaw Architects inc. Brett Shaw - Principal Architect