Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Los Angeles, CA, US



I was part of the 2012 team that constructed the CRAB Studio exhibition Comfo-Veg in the SCI-arc Gallery. For this exhibition I was a team leader, and I worked closely with CRAB Studio representatives to construct this exhibition. My team’s responsibilities were for prep and deconstruction of the exhibit as well as filling in when other teams needed assistance. I really loved working with Sr. Peter Cook. He is an exciting and and creative individual who I found to be surprisingly genuine. 


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“A dark, blue tunnel filled with a reassuring yet peculiar soundtrack, introduces a series of peep holes filled with small objects and pictures, further augmented by an additional video projection at the end of the corridor, showcasing CRAB projects and fascinations. A series of winglike, lightweight kites sit above, reminding the viewer of the underlying and consistent search for “lightness.” Turning into the main space, the embryonic Comfo-Veg, a soft sofa sculpture, lines the length of the installation with a backrest of varying height. Created out of a continuous snake of veg colored fabric, the Comfo-Veg invites visitors to sit down and admire a more abstract series of projections of future CRAB ideas. A soundtrack in this area will reinforce the ambiguous nature of the creeping forms and augment the two territories, while a third soundtrack—just before you leave—picks up on the chatter of the CRAB Studio itself.”

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Team Leader
Additional Credits: Sir Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Alice Labourel, Garrett Santo, Elana Pappoff, Benjamin Farnsworth