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10 DESIGN | Huafa International Seafront Garden, Zhuhai, China

With the recent design competition win of HUAFA INTERNATIONAL SEAFRONT GARDEN, 10 DESIGN celebrates the addition of their third major project in the Shizimen CBD, a new leading financial hub of Zhuhai, China.  10 DESIGN has contributed significantly with their projects totaling over 1 million sqm of GFA within the CBD alone and 8.8 million sqm of GFA throughout the city of Zhuhai. 

Huafa International Seafront Garden provides 376,000 sqm of mixed use accommodation, spanning across 3 sites and stretching 600m along Nanwan Road - one of the major boulevards leading to the upcoming Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.  When complete in 2022, International Seafront Garden will provide one of the longest and most vibrant retail main streets in Zhuhai. 

Huafa Group’s vision for International Seafront Garden is to forge a vibrant urban community by forming a connective tissue between the development and the client’s adjacent properties, also designed by 10 DESIGN. 

Miriam Auyeung, Partner at 10 DESIGN said: “The heart of the development is a large square that expands the existing central plaza directly across the main road where Zhuhai International CEC is situated.  The large square is further defined by two 190 m tall gateway office towers, marking the core of the masterplan.  Alongside the large square is a series of more open and inviting hardscape spaces.  This vibrant street frontage extends all the way to the west, where Huafa International Coast is located.”

Ted Givens, Design Partner at 10 DESIGN explained: “A serpentine bridge floats across the three sites, unifying the geometry. The bridge is composed of a series of organic canopies that create a dynamic skyline, and help draw people to the upper floors of the F&B retail. The bridge bends down to the ground on the far ends of the site further enhancing connectivity and creating an arc across the main façade.”

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Zhuhai, China