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10 Design | Chungnam International Convention Centre Design Submission

10 Design, in collaboration with D&B Architecture Design Group, conceived a scheme for The Chungnam International Convention Centre in South Korea. The proposal seeks to establish a masterplan for future exhibition space, which considers its urban context as well as Covid safety measures. 

The key design feature of the convention centre proposal involves public tree gardens pulled directly into the lobby, blurring the line between the cultivated interior space of the convention centre and the surrounding landscape. This helps to create a sense of place to provide a more inviting experience for visitors.

In response to the new Covid landscape, the proposed gardens consist of air-cleaning plants and a set of nano-coatings. The garden atriums would help increase effective ventilation of the interior space. The three convention halls could be operated in either unified or separated fashion, with a one-way circulation loop to minimise visitor contact. 

Moreover, the plan includes an accessible green roof with shrubs and small trees to promote biodiversity.
Our design proposal for the convention facility shows innovative ways in which 10 Design pushes the boundary of sustainable design.

For media enquiries, please drop a note to Catherine Chan, Partner - Marketing at [email protected].

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: South Korea
Firm Role: Lead Design Architect
Additional Credits: D&B Architecture Design Group - Local Architect

Visualisations by 10 Design and D&B Architecture Design Group