Jason Claypool

Jason Claypool

Los Angeles, CA, US

110 Freeway looking South
110 Freeway looking South
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Transgression 110

As part of A + D Museum's exhibit on Moving Beyond Cars, Rethink LA and GOOD Magazine, a design competition asked entrants to imagine a neighborhood street transformed to imagine a future without cars.  In collaboration with Francisco Arias, we decided to do something bold and tackle the 110 FWY through Downtown Los Angeles, while making sure to most of all, have fun and be creative.

"Most cities seek ways to expand their freeways, promoting our dependency on fuel, while contributing to the deterioration of our environment.

Why don’t we do the opposite: significantly reduce the amount of cars, introduce local/regional mass transit, and regain open space.

In this particular case the result is more than 150 feet of endless possibilities. A plethora of uses emerge from a place once considered taboo for pedestrians. The yearning for Downtown open space is quenched with a fantastic/surreal alternative to the swath that is the concrete automobile sewer tearing through downtown, albeit at a snail’s pace."

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US

110 Freeway transformed
110 Freeway transformed

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