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Oct '11 - May '13

  • Post 40: ‘Navigating the Postnatural’ final update

    It opened the weekend before last. It will be open until Dec 10, if anyone is in town and would like to visit.

    The ‘inundation’ of IKEA tables into Salt & Cedar exhibition space

    Consisting of 36 sets of Lack coffee table series from IKEA, and using their array of colors to code each individual modules in the system design, the intent here is to achieve maximum versatility using minimum means (budget, energy, and time). Just using velcro as attachment in order to keep the off-the-shelf products unaltered, I told the gallery owner that they could even return each of the items to IKEA and The Home Depot in the next 60 days or so, if they'd like to. I hope that they would continue utilizing the system for the future, but I like to think that it's no longer my call.


    The exhibition ‘table set’

    Thanks to Meredith Miller, Etienne Turpin, and Sigrid Espelien for their assistance and opportunity to make this exhibition real.

    Thanks to ruangrupa and Shannon Stratton for donating their publications for the exhibit.

    Previous post on the exhibition itself can be found here.

    Books from ruangrupa in display

    threewalls' Phone Book 3 in display

    Preliminary sketches and prototypes

  • Post 39: Analogue Projection | “Human Skull Shifting” by William E. Massie

      A post to support our Architect-in-Residence, Bill Massie's (first?) Kickstarter project. Entitled “Human Skull Shifting”, I personally found this project is worth of everyone $$. Especially when it means to help him translating this into a bigger scale (therefore...

  • Post 38: Misscelanea

    Don't you love my use of that word as a title? Yes, I'm vain right now—totally defense mechanism. Anyway, this is a totally useless post on random thingamajigs. 1. Quoting Glen Small, an alumn, in his blog post entitled VERTICAL CITY, BLAST OFF CRANBROOK, he wrote (all uppercase is his...

    Kurt Brethauer's truck 1

    Kurt Brethauer's truck 2

  • Post 37: Habitat for Humanity ReStore intervention series (Oct 19 & 20)

    Via Meaghan Barry's Instagram   This is the initial project I proposed for Robert C. Larson Venture Fund Award—where I planned to use the MakerBot to print joints in order to be able to do an “urban intervention performance” on site. Borrowing each of the stores' (on...

    Greenfield ReStore, Oct 19, 9am-5.30pm

    Mack ReStore, Oct 20, 9am-3pm

  • Post 36: ‘Haunted Attraction’, Forum Gallery (1), Oct 26th-31st

    Tagged forum gallery, art

    Exhibition view.   Through Robert C. Larson Venture Fund Award, I bought a MakerBot Replicator dual-extruder for my personal use for my final year in the academy. As a vehicle for my trial-+-error experimentation using the machine in an art academy setting, I'm planning to use Forum Gallery...

  • Post 35: ‘Navigating the Postnatural’ exhibition

    First sketches. Preliminary IKEA idea sketch.   As continuation of the The Architecture + Adaptation: Designing for Hypercomplexity Research Initiative which brought me back home last summer, several exhibitions were planned. The first one, taking place in the University of Michigan Center...

  • Post 34: Urban Prototyping: San Fransisco—Dead Drop Noir

    This is the first part of another series of mega-updates. I'm sorry that I haven't blogged more regularly, but I promise it'll start getting better. Answering their Open Call, I was selected to be one of the participants of UP: SanFransisco Makeathon (September 28-30). I joined the team led...

  • Post 33: Gallery A

    Tagged gallery a

    School's been in for a week. It seems to start slow for everyone, but me. Reason: Gallery A. So, I modified the rules a bit. It is now (as can be seen on the caption in the Administration Office itself): Starting from September 10th 2012- May 8th 2013, on every school day (dates while I’m...

  • Post 32: for “Off the Wall 3”

    For Off the Wall 3—an annual zine + poster exhibition, held by the 2D Dept. in Forum Gallery, May 4-11 2012, I dug down my archive for, where I worked as its photo editor since I left Indonesia for the US until the time it went defunct last June. Stealing the...

  • Post 31: RSTYWTR in 72 Hour Urban Action, Stuttgart

    As the final post of this series of updates, I'm leaving with another good news. I'm lucky enough to be a part of RSTYWTR (pronounced “rusty water”), “a collective of 3 architects, 2 artists, and 1 designer, who met at Cranbrook Academy of Art in the Detroit metro area of...

    The Stuttgart Open Call

    72 Hour Urban Action is a competitive architectural festival that generates interventions in public space within an extreme deadline, a tight budget, and limited space. 120 international participants working in 10 teams have 3 days and nights to design and build their projects in the public realm. The teams design, build, work, sleep and party on site, enriching the city with a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary experience. The first 72 Hour Urban Action took place in September 2010 as part of the Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism in Israel.

    Movie Trailer

    A faux-documentary courtesy of 72 HUA team

  • Post 30: UofM TCAUP, HKU, UI & ruangrupa joint studio

    Taking INUNDATION as their big theme, UofM TCAUP Dept. of Arch., Division of Landscape Arch. HKU, Arch. Dept. UI, and ruangrupa, made this joint summer studio in Jakarta & Bangkok. I was lucky enough to found them and got involved as their research coordinator (that's a fancy way to...

  • Post 29: awards, awards…

    Co-pasted straight from the announcement: The Robert C. Larson Art, Design, and Architecture Venture Fund was awarded to current Academy students: Lindsay Preston Zappas (Sculpture), Farid Rakun (Architecture), Katie Wood (Fiber), and the Vessel + Page Project Space (Stephen Kent, Ceramics...

    My award-winning entry for Gallery A Award, Cranbrook Academy of Art

  • Post 28: Degree Show (short post)

    Thesis means Degree Show for the second-years. It was exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring for me—in a sense that I learned what not to do (yes, I owe the post-something-anything French writers in using negation in describing to myself what something is not, instead of what it is). I...

  • Post 27: Frank Lloyd Wrong updates

    FLW's in the house. For the semester's review, I was thinking to make a mini-album as Frank Lloyd Wrong. The plan was downgraded. The glitch experiments (mashing-up Wiki text entries of one of his particular buildings into the main image of that entry) that were supposed to make a complete sleeve...

    “Fallingwater”, by Frank Lloyd Wrong. Using Soundrop iPad app.

    “Johnson Wax”, by Frank Lloyd Wrong. Using OscilloScoop iPad app.

  • Post 26: my Forum shows

    Readers, First thing first, apologies for the prolonged hiatus. The last semester turned out to be a hectic one, with a lot of stuff happened for me. It was a tough year, although coming out of it alive, I couldn't be more thankful. Expect a lot of posts from me today… I was planning to...

    FLW open performance for De-Authoring, Forum Gallery, March 2012. Video by Emily Baker.

  • Post 25: semi-hiatus send-off

    I'm taking a (semi) break from doing projects (and updating this blog, as a consequence) for a short while. There are a lot of reasons, but none of them is suitable to be posted here. Simply, because they are boring (albeit fundamental). I'm leaving you with a piece of writing I stumbled upon...

  • Post 24: Artists-in-Residence review!

    The big day is finally done. I went through the Artists-in-Residence (AiR) review in one piece. During the review each of us first-years sat, waited, and talked to the AiRs assigned beforehand to visit us. The whole studio was then opened for everyone from the school to experience and see. Most...

    My presentation area

    My presentation in video format—played in loop during the open-studio session

  • Post 23: Frank Lloyd Wrong

    My piece for 2D crit is entitled Frank Lloyd Wrong. Like my explanation in the end of the crit (other departments utilize the ‘cold crit’ system—meaning the artist cannot say anything during most of the crit, letting the work defends itself in front of a supposed-to-be critical...

  • Post 22: TV cart updates

    Evening crit this week, complete with food & beverages.   Starting this week, my schedule is totally unbelievable. Collaborative work with Amy Garofano from Painting (for another post… maybe…) is taking its toll, 2D Design elective matters are piling up, and my own crit in...

  • Post 21: visiting crit—Scott Enge

    This week, Scott Enge, a close friend of Bill from his Columbia days, paid us a visit. It was very good, since his presence presented Bill with a down-to-earth no-bullshit sparing partner. They argued (about the advantages of working outdoor vs. indoor, for example) in a very relaxed way, the way...

  • Post 20: TV cart

    Welcome to the new semester. I volunteered to do a TV cart for the studio. It must be done under a considerable budget (not much, but proper). A sibling cart is being designed by Andrew Matt, another first-year. I started with this diagram: What I realized is that I have the desire to hide and...

  • Post 19: final review for the semester

    The main space during Jason Ruff's review   External critics Ted Krueger, Thomas Gardner (& Bill, of course—another external critic, Amy Dienes, was late when I was early), suggested these notions: 1. Be conscious about the notion of specificity & generality, also the...

  • Post 18: last minute update 6 hours before review

    Freshest images… forced program: simply presentation set—consists of presentation bench + booth. How do you like it?  

  • Post 17: bench—preparing for reviews…

    Today was the second-years' Artists-in-Residence (AiR) review. We cleaned up the space so it's presentable. We did not have to move the bench, thanks to Troy Oglesby for being really cool (I disassembled the Granny Shack last week, but it's for another post). But we had to tidy up, in the name of...

  • Post 16: another bench update

    Conditions before the cut   Same thing as yesterday. This is the result of us playing around today. We cut a big chunk of the middle piece out… Conditions after the cut & some in-progress stack/weave details   So, what do you guys think?

  • Post 15: bench updates

    Today me & Jodie played some more. There are further ideas we want to pursue further, but I'll just let the pictures talk for now. The latest state at the time of posting   So, looking at the pictures, anyone have any useful insight? Some process photos

  • Post 14: some readings…

    Light readings in which I found useful quotes that I can share, in order to polish my spilled thoughts on this blog clearer. I'm quoting two books for this post: 1. Non Intentional Design, by Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff. daab, 2006. “Subversive: to generate new methods, known as...

  • Post 13: project ‘DIY Bench’ updates

    This is the second project I intended to finish for the crit. My introduction post for this collaboration project with Jodie Cooper can be found here. I experienced my first metalsmith work by doing this project. First, we cut and sanded steel hollow tubes to make the PVC pipe holders. Second, we...

    “Human Nature” by Madonna, 1995

  • Post 12: project ‘Grandma Shack’ updates

    I just had my last crit last Tuesday. I had two projects I wanted to show, and was planning to have both of them finished by the time of crit. Reality check, reality bites. The only problem with plans is, of course, they don't work. Result: none of them were not finished (they still are not). I...

  • Post 11: (Visiting Critic) Thomas Gardner | Scale and Method

    Today, November, 11th, we have our regular crit session with Thomas Gardner. As you can read on his bio, he is a Cranbrook grad who has practiced & taught in Detroit, before moving to Providence and now is teaching in RISD. Four people were supposed to take the limelight today. However, Doug...

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