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Oct '11 - May '13

  • Post 62: Thesis update 17

    Tagged thesis, gallery a

    #liltreasures series Day 17 A freakin' sad day. No, not because of The Iron Lady, but I'm giving up. I tried to make some progress with so little to no avail. All I could take out were a couple of screws. I need some professional help. I hollered. Will update on how it goes. On the other...

  • Post 41: Gallery A for 2D Design crit

    Last Friday, Nov 30, I went through this semester's 2D Design crit (as an elective) that might be my last crit I've ever done in Cranbrook (crits for Second-years in Architecture are not advisable anymore. Fair enough, it's time to work… We should be in the spot where we don't need...

  • Post 33: Gallery A

    Tagged gallery a

    School's been in for a week. It seems to start slow for everyone, but me. Reason: Gallery A. So, I modified the rules a bit. It is now (as can be seen on the caption in the Administration Office itself): Starting from September 10th 2012- May 8th 2013, on every school day (dates while I’m...

  • Post 29: awards, awards…

    Co-pasted straight from the announcement: The Robert C. Larson Art, Design, and Architecture Venture Fund was awarded to current Academy students: Lindsay Preston Zappas (Sculpture), Farid Rakun (Architecture), Katie Wood (Fiber), and the Vessel + Page Project Space (Stephen Kent, Ceramics...

    My award-winning entry for Gallery A Award, Cranbrook Academy of Art

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