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    Post 35: ‘Navigating the Postnatural’ exhibition

    farid rakun Nov 3 '12 4

    First sketches.

    Preliminary IKEA idea sketch.


    As continuation of the The Architecture + Adaptation: Designing for Hypercomplexity Research Initiative which brought me back home last summer, several exhibitions were planned. The first one, taking place in the University of Michigan Center for South-East Asian Studies, were opened on September 14th.

    The next one, opening November 17th and taking place in Salt & Cedar Letterpress Gallery, Eastern Market, Detroit, will involve me more. I'm responsible for answering the gallery's request for furnitures that would serve as display armatures for our specific exhibition but will be left behind for the gallery's future use.

    Second sketch.

    Preliminary IKEA idea sketch.


    The brief explanation about the exhibition by the principal investigators, Meredith Miller & Etienne Turpin:

    The INUNDATION Bangkok/Jakarta research studio was organized through the tool of the field guide, originally produced during a workshop at Salt & Cedar in Detroit. With this tool, our research aimed to develop an image of both city’s hypercomplexities and unstable geographies of water, while specifying the localized effects of the problem to act on them through design.

 The exhibition – Navigating the Postnatural – returns the field guides, along with additional visual documentation and artifacts, to the Salt & Cedar Gallery as a means to reconsider the role of the field guide as an open-source/book-tool and to share some the research collected.

    My plan is to expand the notion of ‘field-guide’, which would serve as the guiding theme of the exhibition itself to the everyday—making IKEA product catalogue as my ‘field-guide’ to design this series of display armatures/furnitures.

    Third sketch.

    Preliminary IKEA sketch.

    Will keep on updating the progress on this one!


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