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    trays - Launching the GSD Student Journal

    Quilian Riano Apr 1 '08 12
    trays, the new web-based GSD student journal is launching officially today. The name was changed to trays to better represent the intent, to fulfill the goals of communication and discourse that are embedded in the design of our building, Gund Hall, and its open tray system.


    -Letter from the Staff

    -Contact Us


    ENJOY!! and see you weekly.


    • Becker
      Apr 1, 08 7:42 pm

      Very nice stuff. Are the words on the right hand side going to become links?

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Apr 2, 08 8:46 pm

      the tags on the right should already be working.

      won and done williams
      Apr 3, 08 12:44 pm

      it uses the archinect font. funny.

      this is cool. i look forward to checking in from time to time.

      Apr 6, 08 5:41 pm

      cool...yea the tags work for me. it is misleading though, because you would expect to see an icon change for the link. just click when when you have your cursor over the word.

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Apr 7, 08 10:55 am

      ja, I don't see it, but I guess that any similarity is strictly coincidental.

      The tag issue will change soon, still debugging bits of the site.

      Apr 7, 08 11:49 am

      the font is similar, but i don't think it's the same. check the hook on the trays t vs the archinect t.

      won and done williams
      Apr 7, 08 9:39 pm

      ap, not the trays/archinect logos, but the body text. i'm sure it's the same. we need another font junkie to way in. i actually like that it (at least to my eye) shares some kinship with archinect.

      Steven WardSteven Ward
      Apr 9, 08 7:12 am

      verdana, right? pretty common now, but, yeah, i also like the connection, jafidler.

      Steven WardSteven Ward
      Apr 9, 08 7:14 am

      since you're credited up there on the top, q, i'm guessing you had a lot to do with this. you must be a machine, man. how do you do it?

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Apr 10, 08 11:39 pm

      Thanks for the kind words Steven. I have been intensely involved with trays. It has been fun as these type of projects bring together some great people from throughout the GSD.

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Apr 15, 08 11:35 am

      The first update is done and this is the new content this week in trays,:

      Urban Encounters in Lima's 'Unidades Vecinales'
      by Sharif S. Kahatt

      Carpaccio: A Thin Slice of South Africa
      by R. Steven Lewis


      Modernity: The Ethics of Space and Place
      by Patrick Jones


      Apr 15, 08 2:49 pm

      1 lunch break, 2 posts read, i love it, love the related articles feature & love the idea of tags, love Bill Valentine's message, looking forward to lots more ! keep it up!

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