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    the precedents

    Quilian Riano Feb 12 '07 6

    always at the beginning of every studio, the first step, the glue that holds it all together: the precedents. For this semester I chose Rogelio (the brick) Salmona in Alto de Pinos, Bogota and Josep Lluis (the block) Mateo in Amsterdam. Salmona with an impossible sectional site creates flat apartments, Mateo has the flattest pancake (a pier) to build on and creates an amazing section. Both architects are critical of their site and give you a lil' something for it, privacy, the units don't even share corridors, and gardens at about 20% of each unit's sf.

    Some images (color is mine):
    My Analysis:

    Rogelio Images
    Mateo Images (tectonica 11)


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