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Sep '06 - Dec '09

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    Ready, Set, Go!

    Quilian Riano Sep 19 '06 6

    Design project:
    146,000 sqft Science and Art Building in Allston.

    Harvard Allston Initiative

    studio critic:
    Amale Andraos.

    Some info on Amale Andraos:
    GSD Profile

    Seems like a good semester, now let's get into it...

    P.S. More on the Schedule later.



    • vado retro
      Sep 19, 06 7:15 pm

      see that brighton mills shopping center there? its across the street from wgbh well i lived about two streets down from there back in the day. on a street named abbey road. paul is definitely dead.

      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
      Sep 19, 06 7:19 pm

      I've stayed at the Days Inn across the road from Brighton Mills.

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Sep 19, 06 7:26 pm

      so, what you are saying is that i should connect to Brighton Mills.
      vado (or anyone that knows it) maybe you could say a few more words on this site?

      rememebr anything not adobe is still new to me (smile)

      vado retro
      Sep 19, 06 9:09 pm

      well i lived there in the late 70's. that area was full of boston bred rednecks and probably still is...

      vado retro
      Sep 19, 06 9:11 pm

      the thing i liked about that area was the great cemetary thats there and plus the football stadium where they filmed parts of my favorite movie "love story"

      Aaron WilletteAaron Willette
      Sep 20, 06 9:57 am

      my capstone project was located in the southern part of North Allston, where that new (vacant) biomedical building just went up. I met a great local that lost his lower arm working on the train lines, complained about Harvard trying to buy everyone's houses...

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