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    John Tubles May 10 '12 5

    Sorry to interrupt my “update-archinect-blog-series” with an awful news.. Last Sunday I was in a car accident. I still do not know the condition of the other people involved but I hope they are ok.  As for myself I am alive (obviously thank God) my scrapes are painful and it is still a bit achy when I sneeze.  Also this may sound odd but I can still somewhat…faintly smell the accident and sometimes hear it… I will be going to the doctor tomorrow to get a physical and some x-rays just to make sure everything is good… 

    Also  please spare me this moment and commemorate my car, Señor Coop, Coopy, Coopster, ジョンクーパー…  thank you for making my daily commute through the busiest freeways in America not only bearable but fun. I will miss our countless “car-raokes” to Journey and Aerosmith while listening to KOST. I will miss driving through fog with my top down… Our random road trips...

    @1st day

    -he was sporting a mustache before the hipsters..

    If I have a forty right now I will pour everything out for you. Thank you for taking the hit and saving my life.  I truly appreciate your service.


    --- I just realized that this blog post might be a bit odd for an architecture-centric website...  A lot of Angelenos can back me up on this one that a car is more than just a mode of transportation… It’s a way to seize the day and explore.  An important means to see and experience things especially in a car oriented city.


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