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    Hello again hello…

    John Tubles Apr 24 '12 0

    Hello Archinect.

    This post has long been over due. Like removing a band-aid from a hairy leg, this blog post is somewhat painful but inevitable. I just abandoned my blog with no proper goodbyes. I am embarrassed with my actions and I deeply apologize.

    Almost a year has passed since my last post and a lot of things had happen since then. As cliché as it may sound, last year felt like a crazy rollercoaster ride with amazing peaks and  of course deep valleys. So please excuse my melodramatic bull crap.  I sincerely just want to make things right.

    I will start a series of blogs that will try recap the past year and all its glory (or lack thereof):
    The Thesis.
    BArch: Before, during and after Graduation.
    Professional field: job search, interviews and work itself.
    Grad School Applications: Rejections and Acceptances.
    Travels, side projects and random things.
    Again I apologize again for this very late update and thank you for reading this.

    -John Tubles
    Recovering Archinect Blogger


    Yes, Niel Diamond was playing in my head when I was writing this post...

    ...Hello again hello....


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