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    SPR10/01 - nothingness tsunami

    Kamu Kakizaki Mar 23 '10 0

    After a storm of last-minute-design, plotting nightmare, making potluck, and 4 hour beauty sleep for a consecutive 96 hours, it seems unreal that nothing is going on these past few days of spring break.

    Really, this feels unreal.

    After the end of the quarter I get nostalgic....humm.. what did I do the past 10 weeks.

    +turned 21 :)
    +ate out a lot
    +met cool faculty at our lovely Happy Hour
    +got accepted to go to University of Liverpool School of Architecture as an exchange student
    +bought a Nikon FM with 28 mm Nikkor AI lens
    +got into a relationship
    +got sick twice
    +learned Rhino
    +made an online portfolio
    +became immune to caffeine
    +became facebook friends with the lead designer of the Tacoma Glass Museum, Wyn Bielaska
    +enamored with Unhappy Hipsters
    +realized that architecture is not graphic design...
    +initiated my interest in digital fabrication

    I leave you with my final plot for this quarter.


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