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    WIN10 - New Studio + Some Stuff

    Kamu Kakizaki Jan 26 '10 3

    I loaded Winter Quarter with 18 credits.

    Studio - pretty fun with Ken Oshima and Wyn Bielaska. Also very busy.
    Color and Light Theory with Galen Minah. Just visited Chapel of St. Ignatias by Steven Holl.
    Computers for Architecture Sketchup, Rhino, Adobe stuff.
    Digital Machine Group Seminar Discovering technology on a designer dimension.
    Structures Math and Physics

    18 credits, but i probably spend 95% of my time and energy on studio.

    my new workspace


    Stick Studio Final Presentation Poster

    final model

    "Everyday" Folded in Plan

    "Everyday" Folded in Section

    trees vertical

    seattle public library 2

    Henry Art Gallery Sectional Model


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