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    AUT09/07 - Design Coalition of the University of Washington

    Kamu Kakizaki Oct 22 '09 4

    Second post today :)

    Three ongoing ideas met today.

    RB - A student run organization to bounce ideas though exhibits and events across the design disciplines. Students and professionals.
    LK (me) - A student run publication with a concentration in design and art at the UW. Student work, interviews, opinions, and miscellaneous. Online and quarterly publications.
    AR - A student run team to connect professionals, prospective students, and current students. An idea of mentorship raised.

    We all want to be active outside of curricula.
    We all feel the lack of recognition as (unaccredited) undergraduate architecture students.
    We all appreciate the benefits in the multidisciplinary realm.
    We all want to be more connected.
    We all are excited.

    Any thoughts, ideas, comments, experiences?



      Oct 22, 09 11:24 am

      run away from the unaccredited uni

      Oct 28, 09 8:29 pm

      I really dig your/you peoples' enthusiasm. Go-go-go-go-go, but don't forget to rest when you can. This is coming from a slightly burned out thesis student in MArch :-).

      Kamu Kakizaki
      Oct 31, 09 4:22 pm

      rierie, you don't happen to be Rie do you!!

      Kamu Kakizaki
      Oct 31, 09 4:27 pm


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