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    AUT09/10 - Stick Mania

    Kamu Kakizaki Nov 29 '09 2
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    I feel like I present myself as a Stick Mania with all of these images of sticks! And here is more, and it is the final project. I will post more model photos of the project; here's what I got now.

    Elaborating on the "Stick Mania" thought, I believe that this course, after all of my initial frustration mentioned earlier, is worth some re-consideration. After all, Sticks and I, we've had our ups and downs all quarter.

    Given that...
    The system does not matter - which is a simple traditional bypassing system, nothing fancy or theoretical.
    The program does not matter- A "shelter from the storm" which has never been built, the course has been taught decades, and we didn't even have a site visit.
    The technology does not matter - Home Depot 4'by4' and bolts, come on.

    What becomes important is the process, of complete obsessive compulsive nature (and in my case frustration). The natural outcome is the mastery of a particular system with its particular constraints. This complete mastery of a system is good, in many ways, and might be something that is lacking in our global information-technology-soaked-world (another story).

    We are working with the barebones of architecture. Timber structural capacity, minimal programmatic elements, and tectonics. My only concern is that the architecture program here at UW is starting us off with so many restrictions and structural logistics. In that, it strongly inhibits creativity in my opinion. No theory, not much critical thinking, no pushing limits.

    But we do make these bad ass models all quarter, as passerbyers snoop in curiously to see what we're all about.

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