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    studio effect: the wall of shame

    Utako Apr 13 '10 6

    -an informal update blog- these photos keep on appearing in our studio..
    it's that time of the year of final review at the Daniels faculty






      Apr 13, 10 9:27 pm


      Apr 15, 10 10:26 pm

      Haha this is amazing. Who takes these photos??

      Janis D.
      Apr 16, 10 5:09 pm

      haha. it is funny how life repeats. i finished studies in AL&D in 2007 and we had the same pictures. except, we did not post them on the walls - we did it in the facebook. i still have some 40 pictures from those times. at first, because they look so similar, i thought you had taken my pictures. lol :)

      Greg EvansGreg Evans
      Apr 16, 10 5:53 pm

      This is great.

      Apr 18, 10 12:30 am

      it literally keeps on accumulating with no one particular person in charge. luckily i am not in it.. yet.

      janis d -a few of us were talking today about the school's renovation coming up. we think the school should provide a sleeping quater next to studio, it's just so gross what we do!

      Oct 21, 13 5:22 pm

      Wow... reveling in the fact that architectural education forces you into sleep deprivation and having no life outside of work. It's no wonder instructors (and employers) continue to expect this kind of "dedication" and "perseverance" when the students themselves think it's something to be venerated. Those kids will be sorry they spent so much effort on things that matter so little. Get outside, go home, get a life!

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