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  • Full Circle / Done

    2.5 Years later.
    In one week I've survived the Sea of Black and travelling 80mph in a ditch 10' below the Trans Can.
    image Bull on trial.
    image "I once chose a site this big"
    image Black Sea
    image Manitoba Sublime
    image Testing out some of the thesis.

  • One foot out

    Gist of the thesis

  • I'll see your Albany and raise you a Brasilia

    Where Harrison got Albany Best elevation ever Chillin' in the Super Quads

  • Omage to Oscar

    A week in the Copan   Thank you Eduardo and Karen.

  • Resources Canada

    Just a Recent Discovery

  • Rio

    Rio. The city where the extremely wealthy live "down-the-hill" and the extremely poor live "on-the-hill" (with the exception of Oscar). Moveable louvres everywhere, Concrete spans over 100,000 seats + Social housing snaking up a hillside. Big Stadium + Beer Delivery Men Oscar's 1st commission : an...

  • Dieste

    An hour on the bus, and a 2 mile hike up a Uruguayan country road took us to Dieste's lovely little church. As the local Catholic school's gym class ran laps around the building, we stood silently admiring what a single withe of brick can do.

  • BA + Corb

    BA impressed. Meat, Leather, Futbol + Avenues. La Boca wedges itself into a rapidly deteriorating locale, annually repainting itself a bright yellow to exacerbate the contrast between the have-nots and Arge futbol's elite. Maradona is god, his t-shirt empire guarantees his sanctity. In La Plata...

  • The (not so) Open City

    Poetic tales of dunes, bricks and triangulating trusses motivated a search for U of Valpo´s very own design build heaven. The reality of barbed wire and guard dogs (we were technically trespassing) fortified an unplanned landscape of oddly beautiful, unfinished and accretional structures...

  • Valpo ... (not in Indiana)

    Valparaiso; a port town stuck onto the side of a cliff frequented by hippies, punks, sailors and transvestites......also seems to serve as a Fort Lauderdale for South America´s stray dog population. Improvised trolleys carry the weary uphill, nearer Neruda´s hood and Cerro´s...

  • Company Towns II : $ 8 Milk

    Exxon, Shell, ConocoPhillips...the usual suspects fly-in for a two day PR stunt, eager to appease the local Natives and lure the Feds into buying a radius of Canada's newest pipeline. The Mackenzie Basin, an area the size of Mexico, empties into Arctic waters atop 30-year Gas reserves. Inuvik, a...

  • Company Towns

    A week in Fort Mac. An anthill of activity; the 1/2 tonne majority strains ill-equipped infrastructures and resides in $400K trailer homes. Syncrude excavates 250,000 barrels a day, while the rest of BIG Oil is racing to dig their feet in. Monstrous CAT's move around like the Big Loader Toy...

  • Williamson Option Studio

    Gatehouse for Serra's Shift. King City, Ontario

  • This Summer's Endevour

    What I'll be up to for July + August

  • Winnipeg + Back

    Falling Barns, Ketchup Chips, Hated Monoliths, and Prime Ribs. Winnipeg + Surrounds in 3 days

  • Reed Option Studio; Cape Cod

    Landscape Option Studio Fixing Forces : Remediation + Reuse of the MMR The Department of Defense’s desire to consolidate and streamline homeland operations has resulted in the reduction of existing land uses and the decommissioning of very large, often urban tracts of lands. The Base...

  • CDRN Conference

    A week with the Hundigger Beam Processor in Vancouver yielded a warped grid and a 36-piece count.

  • Pong

    Gallery's new show on Chinese urbanism brought an enormous asset to the building; a Ping Pong table. The Chinese students seem to gravitate towards it, seeking other avenues of domination. From a brief viewing it seems to me it comes down to grip [refer to image] and rubber boots [super jumpy...

  • Seattle and Blandcouver

    Recent jaunt West brought about a viewing of fish throwing and diagrids. Remmy's atrium delighted as much as Erickson's Opus. Gehry's EMP is a total dog, and the space needle resembles Montreal's Big O on a pole. Capitol Hill bowling, however, resembled no lane I've ever slid on.

  • French Alliances

    After receiving editorial heckles this morning, I felt obliged to post photos of said heckler amongst the gallery showing of our Comprehensive Studio's work at the local Alliance Française. A brief sampling...

  • Casa de Shapia

    My Cooper cohorts decided to torture and impress me by sending images of their Portuguese exploits. Jesung enjoys Shapes, up lighting and stairs to no where.

  • Architecture Against Itself

    Well, who would have thought a bunch of aged, tired, stressed and hung-over architecture students could man handle a group of young, undergraduate phys-ed students on ice? 6-1 the final. Canada couldn't even manage that against Germany. A,L+D is 2-0 with solid goal tending, defensive prowess and...

  • El Fin

    3.5 years of torture result in two days of chaos. My 3 stars fo the thesis reviews are as follows; 3rd star: Diane Lewis: Citing Goebbels : “When I hear the word ”˜culture' I reach for my gun.” Followed by citing Lang : “When I hear the word...

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