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    big news: school reno

    Utako Oct 11 '09 2

    This week, the Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design announced the architect selected for the school's $14 million endowment expansion. Ofcourse, this will probably be completed just as I will be finishing (i.e. three years of putting up with construction) - just like always.

    The architect selected is partners Monica Ponce de Leon and Nader Tehrani from Office dA. Their planned progress is being displayed in the school foyer right now. The drawings show a series of beautiful cladding that wraps the existing red brick building, as well as fragmented rooftop space that allows people to make better use of the Toronto cityscape.

    Image taken from the Daniels school website:

    I can't help but to wonder, though, what will happen to the beautiful view of the city I'm enjoying right now from my seat in studio...





    • rza
      Oct 13, 09 9:04 pm

      If they completely hide the beautiful facade I will cry. The dialogue between the existing Daniels building and the library is wonderful. That corner is so peaceful in all weather conditions (except slush) at all times.

      Oct 14, 09 1:35 am

      i concur. i wish they'd fix the inside - the building is literally falling apart and we've been model making with dead fruitflies falling on our heads the last two weeks - and not do a pretty quick fix of an 'architectural looking' facade. i enjoy the view from the building and also the peaceful corner on the street - must they really cover over all that?

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