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  • studio effect: the wall of shame

    By Utako
    Apr 13, '10 6:05 PM EST

    -an informal update blog- these photos keep on appearing in our studio..
    it's that time of the year of final review at the Daniels faculty




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  • catch up: end of first term

    By Utako
    Jan 12, '10 2:33 AM EST

    It was definitely as busy and crazy as I expected! It got so chaotic but the done feeling after review, especially if it was a positive experience, was nice. The premise of the studio project was unique, in that we had to follow extremely specific process of spatial construction but were... View full entry

  • catch up: fall all-school workshop (the end result)

    By Utako
    Jan 12, '10 1:20 AM EST

    Its been a while since my last blog entry and since I promised to keep an update on the first ever all-school workshop attempt from last fall. Time flies! I cant do a detailed recap since its been so long, but here is a quick update. hopefully the pictures will get the idea across of what it... View full entry

  • classes cancelled for a week: seriously

    By Utako
    Oct 26, '09 12:25 AM EST

    So at Daniels this week, we have something strange coming up: an all school charrette for the entire week. What is going to happen is that theyre going to merge the entire faculty (students and teachers, architects landscape architects and urban designers) and divide us all into 21 groups (approx... View full entry

  • big news: school reno

    By Utako
    Oct 11, '09 1:36 AM EST

    This week, the Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design announced the architect selected for the schools $14 million endowment expansion. Ofcourse, this will probably be completed just as I will be finishing (i.e. three years of putting up with construction) - just like always. The... View full entry

  • term one: and it begins

    By Utako
    Oct 11, '09 1:17 AM EST

    Its October and well into the first term of my M.Arch at Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. And its been almost four weeks since class started and Im already living the unhealthy lifestyle of a stereotypical architecture student (i.e. lack of sleep, lack of food, lack of... View full entry

  • in toronto: back to school and starting m.arch

    By Utako
    Sep 18, '09 2:23 AM EST

    I realize that I havent written on archinect in a while, but really there was nothing too interesting going on write about, especially when I was consciously trying to avoid the internet all together in an attempt to enjoy the last few days left of summer. And now that Im back in school and... View full entry

  • in cleveland: the verdant city

    By Utako
    Jul 15, '09 3:52 PM EST

    For an odd reason, I had the chance to explore Cleveland Ohio this past weekend. To be honest, I didnt expect to see too much in this verdant city - all Ive been hearing about Cleveland is that its a left over city from the once booming auto industry (like Detroit) and that the city today... View full entry

  • things learned: in wrapping up 4th year

    By Utako
    May 11, '09 5:59 PM EST

    So Im finally, almost finished being an undergrad student. yay. Deciding to do both engineering and architecture was my choice, but it sure took a long time to get them both done. I have enough people making fun of me for being a permanent student, so its kind of nice to know that Im really... View full entry

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