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    3.7 :: Park[ing] Day 2008 @ USC

    Emily Kemper Sep 20 '08 6

    Any time not consumed by my thesis or work over the past week was spent planning Park[ing] Day LA 2008 in our little spot on USC's campus. It was a lot more difficult to plan than it should have been ... as it happened, the event was so early in the semester that there was no way for us to get funding for it through our normal channels, so we ended up having to ask for money. We asked the student activities emergency fund, they said sorry, but no. We asked the Architectural Guild and they were also unable to help on such short notice. Our last resort was asking the school for money, aka Dean Ma. We asked for $200 and ended up getting $100. So the photos you see below are our park, sponsored by the USC School of Architecture and the Graduate Architecture Student Association (GASA), made with $100, a lot of donations, and a lot of love. It's anemic compared to some of the parks I saw photos of from around LA, but it's the best I could do.

    I will say that I have had much success with "customer service" type issues at USC ... I think in this respect, attending a private school has its advantages. However, experiences like this make me wonder - if it's so difficult to get things done at a university that functions relatively well, how hard it must be in less organized institutions. It's like doing your taxes - it's a pain in the butt, and we all have to do it, but why can't it be easier?

    ...But I digress. Here are my photos from Park[ing] Day 2008 @ USC.


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