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  • 001

    Project 001. Haven't had an update in a while. Mainly because school just started and I've been working on my first project and here are just some photo booth images of it that I snapped while killing time in Studio. This non-denominational chapel explores two materials: 4x4 timber and plexi. As...

  • Same ol'

    Even during winter break I'm building models!

  • As Promised!

    my first project of this semester (the one that is just about over, So this is from Late August/Early september). it's also my favorite of the semester. it's a dynamic container. the study of the videocassette was my inspiration. we had to analyze an object (videocassette in my case) and draw some...

  • Some More

    sorry they are tiny. click on them for larger pictures. More to come. I'm going to shoot my first project tomorrow, it's my favorite I think.

  • DONE!

    So, I've finally finished semester 1 of second year. I have some images from my project. I felt like it went pretty well although I wish I had worked out those few things they mentioned. Mainly just further pushing my concept on the design. The first two are pretty much finished simple renderings...

  • Lamborghini!

  • Crunch-Time!!! (kinda)

    So I'm sitting in my structures class right now looking at a slide with allowable axial compression streets for steel columns. Exciting or what?. So my final studio project is due two weeks from today. I've done a good deal of work on it in terms of developing a formal language and trying to...

  • Check this out!

    I found this article on Telegraph with fifty random facts about Barack Obama. Some interesting things on there if you want to take a short break from your studio work... "He would have liked to have been an...

  • Hello again.

    So I haven't updated in a while since my first post. But, meanwhile, history was being made. I had a rough week and a half but it seems as though everything should be calming down again. Only a few weeks of classes left, it's crunch time! I don't have too much work though, just a paper, a couple...

  • First Post

    Monday of what is going to be one of the rougher weeks of the semester. In studio, we are working on our final project and the mid-term reviews for the project are on Wednesday and Friday. We are to design an Audi Automobile building which includes a showroom, a marque history and exhibition, and...

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