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    Artist in prison?

    psteiner Feb 15 '06 0

    Our topic this week for Eva's Future Studies class was the Future of Crime/Terrorism...

    It's harder than I thought writing for this class, actually coming up with possible design solutions for future issues that don't even exist yet.
    Some the future situations that were discussed were:
    -having an artist in residence in a prison
    -being able to purchase peace of mind, maybe a peace of mind store?
    -architects specializing in protecting buildings

    I was thinking about how it seems warfare/crimes have changed from fighting because there are haves and have-nots. Alot of the clashes you hear about now seem to be for a want to return to "what was" before we had to so closely interact with eachother, worldwide. Now we just want to get the hell away from eachother. "Leave me alone, I'll leave you alone..." I really don't see that being an type of solution, just a thought. Instead of voting left or right, could we vote based on a poltician's pledge to either build enclaves to protect societies from unwanted intruders of any kind, or maybe a pledge to return to melting pot theories. Could we possibly find builders who have pledged to support low income housing for victims of genocides? I have no idea.


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