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    psteiner Jun 1 '05 1

    Umm yeah...I did sorta kinda really go away after the final week of classes and graduation. But here I am in, in Texas. Eventually I'll post something of my thesis project, I am really happy how well my final critique went, and and SO glad school is over...for a little while. Next week I will be driving west. I am going to West Texas to unwind (hopefully). I will be going to Marfa to see the Chinati foundation, I am excited...The 50th anniversay of Giant the movie will be happening in July in Marfa, wish I could go, but I'll be back in Chicago by then. Hope all went well with everyone's school stuff, and life stuff I guess. I will start an intense job search when I get back, but for now I will be pulling my horse up off the ground, and teaching one of our dogs not to bite people...


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