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    How to find a floorplan...

    psteiner Feb 8 '05 2

    So, we've been at our thesis projects for several weeks now, and still no floorplans. I am going to be taking over the Nick's Fishmarket site in Bank One Plaza in downtown Chicago for my Urban Chapel. But how to go about getting a floorplan of the space? It seems no one wants to return calls or emails from a desperate student so if you see someone out measuring the plaza in the coming weeks don't be alarmed, it's just me. I'm sure I can raise some eyebrows...

    I am also taking a Green Materials course with Nadine Bopp, very interesting. I've taken her twice before for Green Map. I highly recommend you check out:

    Over winter break we mapped the South Loop area...

    Also, I am in a last ditch effort for a Co-op position being that it is my final semester and all...but I had given up hope of finding one, then all of a sudden 3 possibilities have come in, and now my schedule might be too full to fit in a job...curse of Co-op. Questions about SAIC? ...I can give you the real deal...or at least pretend.



    • taboho
      Feb 8, 05 2:20 pm

      try contacting the building department for plans?

      Feb 8, 05 2:35 pm

      gensler did a big study/stuff for first national bank -- dont know if it included nics as it has been there for years [at least 20] and dont know if it included it. but as there is banking facilites below ground including the auditorium, you might try there. try contacting elva rubio who worked on it. if she doesnt have them she might be able to direct you.

      the city wont have drawings. do bother there.

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