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    A Final Post

    This will be the final post of this blog.

    It has been a long run here on the Archinect School Blog . Though my posts slowed to a near stand still in this last year, I did not want to just let it fade away without saying anything. 

    The choice of today to post my final post is not random. I finished my schooling (perhaps forever) at UIC earlier this year graduating with an M.Arch and the MAD-Crit. Today I changed sides of the desk, so to speak, and started teaching my first studio at UW-Milwaukee SARUP, my undergrad alma mater for anyone keeping track.

    So this is it. The end. But before I sign off, there are a few thank yous to take care of.

    Thank You to Archinect, its editors, contributors and readers (even the trolls). I think that what is happening here is very important as a sounding board on which the profession and academia come together, for better or for worse.

    Thank You to UIC, the faculty, administration, and students. Never a dull moment at that school. 

    And final, to my Classmates. It was a wonderful run with a class that I think will go down as one of the Vanguards of this era in UIC's history. 

    Cheers Everyone


    I'll end where we started.

    Two Weeks in the Life


    • Paul PetruniaPaul Petrunia
      Sep 4, 14 2:50 pm

      Congratulations on finishing school Matthew, and thanks for sharing your experiences with us via your always-enjoyable school blog. Good luck with your next phase! We hope to hear about interesting work and happenings in Milwaukee in the near future.

      Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Sep 8, 14 10:02 pm

      As you move into you post-graduate career, as a teacher and (perhaps?) practicing architect, it would be interesting to hear from you how the M.Arch and MAD-Crit combo has prepared you. Or shapes your path...

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