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    As promised here is a look at the final product from Sam Jacob and Jimenez Lai's Repitition Studio.

    But First.  I wanted to thank everyone for reading this blog and making it one of the Top 12 blogs on Archinect.  Very Awesome.  Thank You.


    For the mid-term I investigated the idea of the conflation of Section, Plan and Scale though a model and a large drawings.  Patterns and Architectural drawing conventions were used to create an Architectural Drawing of a Non-Architecture.

    The Final was a distillation process of lessons learned from the earlier work to produce an Architecture.  Color was taken out of the equation to bring the drawings closer to more normative conventions, but pattern was still used as a means of defining territories within the project.

    Programmatically, the building is comprised of large urban mansions and more dense "couch houses."  Its perforated cubic form is suspended above its site.  


    Thanks for checking it out.



    • FRaC
      Jan 3, 13 4:21 pm

      it's like PoMo put through a libeskind 'chamber works' filter.  i've had nightmares like that first image, and i mean that in a good way.

      Matthew MessnerMatthew Messner
      Jan 3, 13 6:01 pm

      I will take that as a compliment.  I had not seen Chamber Works.  Why doesn't Libeskind do cool stuff like that anymore?

      Kos Scarpa Kos
      Jan 7, 13 10:44 am

      brilliant formal solution...

      Matthew MessnerMatthew Messner
      Jan 7, 13 4:43 pm

      Thank you very much.

      my entire time at UIC has been a reexamination of my ideas on Form, Shape, and Representation.  Hopefully I am making some progress.

      Jan 8, 13 10:35 am

      you should probably make posters of that first image...  i would love to see this thing montaged in context... there are some fantastic blank lots not far from your campus i could envision this being pretty impactful

      Jan 10, 13 1:28 am

      careful, PoMo + Chamber Works is a slippery slope to Ricardo Bofill

      Jan 11, 13 12:02 am

      yeah, i see Hejduk's Diamond or Texas Houses in this work,  very nice stuff.

      Matthew MessnerMatthew Messner
      Jan 11, 13 12:45 am

      18x32-  HAHA Indeed

      b3- Thank you!

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