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    Clumsy Formalized- Work of Tuan Nguyen

    Matthew Messner Mar 19 '12 1

    Spring Break!  here come some posts


    Back by heavy popular demand here is another post on  Paul Preissner's Clumsy Forms Studio

    If you remember from an older post...

    Clumsy Forms, comes out of Paul Preissner's research group.  Thier project assumes an Architecture divided in to two contemporary camps, the "spectacularly expressive" and "concerned with other issues."  With this pretext, the project looks to find a third way.

    "Sometimes, however, there is a desire for a formal project which neither quits on its good looks, nor overcompensates for its brand insecurity through bodybuilding"

    The class "set out on research into funny behavior with the hope that a new and exciting way to introduce humer into architecture could be found." p.p.


    With that, recent midterms bring us some of the early results from said studio.  I do say that the showing was spectacular.  

    With out further  adieu, Tuan Nguyen


    some renderings...


    and a few models


    cheers and thanks for reading


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